Aastra phones time resets

I have 3 older aastra phones (2 9143i and one 6757) out of the 20+ in my office that wont keep the correct time. They randomly reset to 1/1 1200am. I have tried setting the ntp servers in the phone config to my freepbx box, router, and other ntp servers. Yesterday i set one manually to the correct time but sometime this morning it reset itself to 1/1. Rebooting the phones does nothing and i have even rebooted ones with the correct time to see if i can duplicate it but they stay correct as well. Anyone have any ideas what could be causing this? Thanks.

Are you using (EPM) endpoint manager in FreePBX? If so, there are a couple fields where you can define the NTP servers. If they are not defined, it could be that the phones are doing their reboot and config pull every evening (which is default for most Mitel/Aastra phones) and then pulling a config with blank or incorrect NTP servers.

You could also try disabling the reboot and config pull… Aasta calls this “Auto-Resync” and it’s under Advanced Settings > Configuration Server > Auto-Resync in the Web GUI of the phones. Set the mode to NONE. (I think this might be able to be pushed via configuration files too).

I am only using the free version of EPM which controls the few newer Sangoma phones we have wonderfully. Also checked the config for the Auto-Resync and they are already set to None. Also they were all working fine up until about a week ago. It started with one phone, then the others. I have tried defaulting to factory config the phones, loaded up different firmwares. all the same.

Over the weekend I rebooted the server itself and this morning one of the phones (6757i) is working correctly. However the 9143i are still saying the wrong time.

hmm… just a couple of guesses…
If you are using freepbx as a provisioning server, I’d maybe take a peek at the configuration files. There should be a line that leads with “time server1” inside of one of the [MAC ADDRESS].cfg files.

If it’s the case where you are manually configuring the phones, then possibly it could be the local network DHCP server has Option 42 enabled. The Aastra phones by default will accept any NTP server info from Option 42. This can be disabled though.