Aastra Phones, Ring In Headset

I seem completely unable to find anyone trying to do this for some reason… but say in a call center environment this seems to be a good idea, but I seem to have no way to configure this and it isn’t in any of Aastra’s docs…

Is there even a way to do this?

I am not sure if you are trying to do the same thing we are doing, but we have Plantronics Headsets we use with our Aastra 57i phones and they ring in the headsets properly.

You may need to elaborate about your exact hardware setup, as we use the Plantronics CS70N headsets with DHSG Electronic Hook Switch adapters and a few with handset lifters and they all work fine to ring in Agents Headsets. When using the EHS setup you need to go into settings on the phone-> 2. Preferences -> 5. Set Audio -> 1. Audio Mode -> Set to either headset or headset/speaker to make sure the phone knows to send audio to headset. If using DHSG make sure that is enabled in Set Audio as well.

I don’t know about the headsets you use but our employees wander away from their desks working on other things and they often hear the ring in the headset and they answer then wander back to their desk.

Sorry about the lack of details:

Aastra 6757i with Plantronics S11s and S12s, wired headsets, so they’re not wandering around and needing EHS (which these don’t support), but ringing in their headset would reduce the amount of noise on the floor (but the feature may be linked to EHS I guess…).

I’ve tried both by plugging the unit into the handset port as per the directions, and the headset port, so I’m heavily leaning towards the headset having to support EHS so the phone knows to ring in the headset instead of it’s built-in speaker.

If that is the case, it sucks that no documentation really goes over that.