Aastra Phone and On Hold Music

I have a 55i Aastra phone. When I press the hold button, the music on hold is the music in the default category.

I cannot find any way to change this on the phone. I wonder if it is somehow an option in the FreePBX or Asterisk software.


The phone doesn’t know anything about Music on Hold. It’s all controlled by FreePBX.

either the inbound route, ring group or queue settings

I appreciate the reply but I have NO queue set up and both the inbound route and ring group MOH settings are both pointed to the desired MOH category. THis makes me wonder what the Aastra phone is polling from the PBX.

Hmm… After a command of Asterisk -rvvvvvvvvvvvvv and using the phone to put someone on hold, I see the entry:

– Started music on hold, class ‘default’, on SIP/2000-00000007

(2000 is the caller I put on hold)

Any ideas how the phone is calling for the default hold music?

Thanks for the reply. Hmm. I’m sure that is the case, but the phone will poll the pbx. I can see that in the log; however, it’s not showing how or how it picks the default automatically.

From this, I assume I cannot change this (just like how the MOH in the parking lot is unchangeable from default). I can only change what the default music is or change the location of the default MOH in a conf file.

You should see the MOH variable passed in the logs.

If you do a moh show files and see if they are there and owned properly.

default is the default music on hold. You can change it in the inbound routes, outbound routes, ring groups, and queues module (and probably elsewhere). If ou want to change the contents of default, change the music files that are contained in the default folder, i.e.


Any music files in that folder are played in the default category. Other categories appear as sub-folders. i.e.,


is where you’ll find anything in the music category (if you created one).