Aastra/Mitel Phones with TLS and SRTP


Has anyone had any luck getting Aastra/Mitel Phones (in my case the 6869i) to connect over TLS with SRTP?

If so, can you please point me in the right direction? (I’m not using EPM for these phones).

I’ve configured LetsEncrypt, have a resolvable domain setup, and have activated it in asterisk sip settings (PJSIP) as well as on the extensions, but I just couldn’t get them to register, ended up having to revert back to UDP with standard RTP for the moment.

Asterisk 18.5.0
Mitel 6869 firmware

The pbx is hosted on a Vultr VM, using the FreePBX Firewall and Intrusion detection. These phones are on an office network with a static public IP so that is marked as a trusted zone in the firewall.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Those phones are probably too old to trust the CA for LetsEncrypt.

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