Aastra handsets going straight to speaker phone

Hopefully someone can help out or give some pointers on this.

We have an installation with around 50 extensions, all of which are Aastra 6755i handsets. All handsets are configured via the OSS Endpoint manager and use the exact same template and all run the same firmware.

We have around 4 extensions that when called they go straight to speakerphone but not every time. sometimes it can be fine for days and other times it could happen 2 or 3 times in a day.

The calls could be an attended transfer via reception of a internal call from another extension.

Has anyone ever experienced this, I have tried everything I can think of including the following
Different network point
connecting the phones via a switch from a known working extension
configuring the handset manually
changing the firmware version
swapped handsets

all of which makes no difference… any help, pointers would be very much appreciated.


So you swapped phones but it still only happens at the “4 locations”

This means it is probably something the user is doing. What you need is a security camera focused on the phone.

ha ha… good idea but unfortunately the users are getting involved as the phone literally goes straight to speaker phone…

I appreciate the jest but really could do with some help on this one… it has to be a problem with the extension surely or with everything we have tried would have made some kind of difference…

If we delete the extension do we need to run anything on the server to make sure everything to do with that extension has been cleared away so we can recreate it… it would have to be the same extension number again due to people knowing who has what extensions

local configs take precedence. factory default the misbehaving phones.

Phones have been swapped out with brand new ones… makes no difference

Have factory reset them and configured them manually… still no difference

Is it actually possible for FreePBX to make the phone auto answer by speakerphone

I have already uninstalled the paging module

I would try deleting the extension and recreating it.

That is the default behavior for intercom calls, but I have never seen a non intercom call do that, There are many things you can play with in aastra.cfg or mac.cfg that control the speaker/autoanswer stuff


Would be an somewhat authoritative source for controlling the phones behavior

This is a old bug in the 2.6 firmware where it would happen. Aastra fixed this in the 3.X firmware.