Aastra Firmware

We have been selling the Aastra 6731i and really like it. I have a question regarding the firmware they come with. We are getting them with version and boot Looking at the Aastra site for these phones the firmware is at 3.2. I am wondering why I would be getting phones with such outdated firmware. Should I be updating all the phones I get to the latest and greatest?? I know from past experience in other areas that that is not always the best.

Thanks for any comments

What kind of phone system are you using? FreePBX has the latest firmware in it.

It is FreePbx version 2.10 Is that a “feature” of OSS EPM or just the system itself and I need to read deeper and file a file location?


I don’t recall if the OSS EPM downloads frimware.

The commercial version does. The firmware package is also in the repo.

grep and learn:

yum list | grep -i aastra

Well The return is version I am installing some 6731i phones tomorrow. I will check the phone after it connects. I have read other posts that 2.6 was stable and the 3.x series wasn’t . Has it been resolved lately? Is there any documentation on the OSS EPM? The provisioner site is still sparce.

There were some issues years ago when 3.x came out, long since resolved.

The OSS EPM is not had any work done in awhile and it’s not part of the project, it’s third party.

You have to decide if you want to use the sample XML scripts from Aastra to provision (I don’t think the apps are very worthwhile on the small screen real estate of the 31’s) or use an EPM.

In my opinion the commercial EPM is a great deal, it will make your life easier. It’s also very inexpensive.

I think I will give the commercial EPM a try with this install. Thanks for your help