Aastra Firmware Version Recomendations

I’ve not been able to find much information about what version of the Aastra firmware works best with the new phone apps. I did find this little gem in the wiki:

“For the Aastra 6730i, 6731i, and 6757i, we recommend Firmware version 2.6.”

That was from back in 2014 from what is posted at the top of the page.

I’d like to know what version works best with the new phone apps? I remember that version 2.6 was about as high as you could go with the old/non supported aastra scripts.

Version 2.6 seems a little “long in the tooth” though. I’m sure that Aastra has fixed many bugs and security issues since version 2.6 came out.

Could this possible be yet another column on the wiki page with all the phones listed? How about a “Best firmware for this model” column and then put the best firmware for that phone/series to use with the phone apps.

Thanks for your help!

I would say whatever is supported in the EPM should be supported by the restapps. I’m showing the following for Aastra.

Thanks for the info from the commercial version of the End Point Manager, I appreciate it.

While it tells us that this version is available, it doesn’t tell us the preferred version.

I’ll update the info with dates of the firmware so that people can see the age as well.

I’ll include the 675x/673x versions of the phones/firmware making this searchable.
Information from miteldocs.com

6751i 3/2011 Last version produced.
6753i 4/2015 Newer versions exist.
6755i 4/2015 Newer versions exist.
6757i 4/2015 Newer versions exist.
6757iCT 4/2014 Last version produced.

6730i 4/2015 Newer versions exist.
6731i 4/2015 Newer versions exist.
6735i 6/2015 Newer versions exist.
6737i 6/2015 Newer versions exist.
6739i 4/2015 Newer versions exist.

Several/most phones are more than one version “behind” in the available firmware from Mitel. I’m sure it’s not easy to keep up to date with firmware versions for phones and do a good job of fully vetting them before releasing them to the masses. It would be interesting to know if there is a Beta program where we could try out newer versions and see how things shake out. I do know that with the old aastra scripts there were version checks all over the place in the code and it would be interesting to hear if the same sort of thing exists with the current phone apps.