Aastra EPM Provisioning


I have a few Aastra/Mitel 6869i phones. I recently moved my onsite PBX to the cloud. In the process the domain name changed and I had to update something in EPM for that as well as the method used to configure the phones. All phones had a factory reset performed for various reasons. However, I’m not able to get TFTP to work on the now that the server is on the cloud (it would for the firmware update, but wouldn’t pull the config file). Has anyone been able to use HTTP provisioning with Aastras on a remote PBX? I do have authentication setup for the HTTP provisioning, but I’m not sure how to configure the aastra as it only asks for the server URL, path, and port. I’ve entered that but no matter what I do it doesn’t pull the file down.

Hoping someone who has put Aastras on a cloud PBX with EPM can provide some recommendations.


Anyone? Surely I’m not the only one that has an Aastra/Mitel 6869 connected to a cloud instance of FreePBX and using EPM.

Aastra phones do not support Auth with HTTP. The only way to do Auth with Aastra is to use FTP.

Are you speaking for all Aastra phones? I’ve successfully used HTTP with 6731, 6757, and 9133

HTTP with authentication or just HTTP? I know it works with simple HTTP. I have never tried with HTTP + Auth and I do not have one handy to test with.

Correct. Aastra phones as a whole do not support username/password auth with using http or https for provisioning. This has been the case from day 1 and very annoying and insecure.

Thanks for the replies everyone. Unfortunately, I’m not able to get this phone to download any config EPM files from my PBX except firmware. I can access the PBX via FTP using my PC on the same network as the phone though so I know it’s not a firewall issue. I have verified that the MAC of the Aastra is correctly entered in EPM and the config file was correctly named to <MAC_ADDRESS_HERE>.cfg. I had no issue when the PBX was onsite using TFTP so I wouldn’t think there would be any issue with FTP.

A couple of things I’ve done to troubleshoot:
Remove username and password from FTP temporarily to verify that was not causing the issue
Verify that FTP is selected in the EPM template
Verify that FTP is both activated in sys admin pro and allowed through the freepbx firewall for my home IP address.

Any other suggestions that you might have are appreciated.


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