Aastra BLF status for out of service extension

I have a number of keys defined as BLFXfer on an Aastra 6869i with M685i sidecar. Running Asterisk 13.5 / FreePBX Distro 6.12.65-31. At first glance everything seems to be working just fine, green for available, red for in-use. But then I looked at a couple of softphone extensions that I use for testing and they are showing green, but they are not registered. Took one of the regular phones and unplugged it from the network, no change to the status, still showing green.

Checked the hints and they are showing State:Unavailable for the unavailable stations, and State:Idle for the others… which seems correct. But I see that the hints are generated as SIP/240&Custom:DND240,CustomPresence:240
and I’m wondering if the “custom” stuff is somehow “tainting” the result? I would think that the BLF should really be showing neither red nor green for this extension (maybe “?”) since it’s effectively out of service.

Is there a tweak I can make to FreePBX to make the BLF’s more accurately represent these out-of-service extensions?


This is a phone issue. You have confirmed that Asterisk shows the hint as unavailable when the phone is unavailable, it is up to the endpoint to interpret the unavailable status correctly. Some phones allow you to configure the BLF colour for various states, not sure if Aastra does.

This seems like an Aastra bug to me, of all colours to use for unavailable, green is the least intuitive. You might look for a phone firmware update that fixes or report to Mitel for a fix.