AAstra and EPM

Please no disrespect is intended.

I understand the aastra scripts topic is taboo.

I need to install a recent Version of FreePBX that still supports Symphony2 and Aastra phones…

I tried the May 26t 2014 version which supports both Symphony 2 and 3.

My question is to get similar features supplied by the aastra scripts must I purchase and implement the EPM?

The Aastra Sample Scripts are no longer supported within FreePBX. In order to utilize the FreePBX Phone Apps, you would need to purchase the Commercial EPM, and the REST APPs modules. Here is an overview of the functionality provided by the Phone Apps.


Can I purchase both modules and test setup and then after I figure it all out transfer those packages to my customer?

Also are the REST Applications part of a commercial module?


All Commercial Modules are purchased for a specific Deployment. Which means we cannot move licenses between deployments, as each Deployment is locked to a specific hardware box when you register your PBX to a Deployment ID.

We do, however, allow you to reset the Hardware lock on any Deployment once from the Portal so you can register your Deployment to a new hardware box which will allow the Commercial Modules to now work on your new hardware. This may be your best case scenario. To prepare a new deployment for the customer in a lab setting, then move it to a production system when ready to do so.

Additional info:

After you have used up the hardware reset options from the portal, the option will no longer exist and you will need to contact support to request an exception be made to release the hardware lock for you.

You can view detailed instruction here for moving a deployment ID to a new PBX: http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FCM/How+to+Move+a+Deployment+ID+to+a+new+PBX

If you have already registered your PBX with a new deployment ID and need to remove it from the PBX so you can register a different ID you can follow these instructions: http://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FCM/How+to+Remove+a+Deployment+ID-License+File+from+your+PBX

Good luck!