Aastra 9133i VLAN issues

we have a little over 100 Aastra 9133i phones. they’ve got a network passthrough port. I’ve got a vlan configured on our switches (meraki) for voice and everything seems to be configured correctly.

if you manually enter the vlan info into the phone directly from the phone’s interface the data will stick, but the passthrough port basically becomes disabled. the phone port SEEMS to come up active on the voice vlan and it get’s a DHCP address from the DHCP scope configured for that vlan. looking at the actual switch ports for the test phones I’ve been using it looks like sometimes the tagging options don’t actually get assigned correctly (they’ll show up as vlan 0 for both ports or seomthing like that). this doesn’t seem to effect a 6865i phone (we don’t have too many of those)

has anyone seen this?

I seem to remember that there is a strange bug with the 9133 where the dhcp option 66 needs to be in the specific format


to get provisioned correctly (getting first aastra.cfg and then macaddress.cfg),

This is specific to the 9133 the 9143 doesn’t have that problem, but that was years ago so I might be wrong, make sure your tftp server is logging verbosely and cat /var/log/messages|grep -i tfttp for successful download of that file

well, we’re not setting the vlan settings by dhcp or through the aastra/mac.cfg files (yet). the phones are downloading the configs correctly (as far as I can tell…there’s a problem with enpoint manager where the softkey buttons aren’t getting put into the mac.cfg files but that’s not the same thing).

The 9133 are very old, flaky and no longer supported for firmware updates, I gave up on remotely provisioning them a while ago (they work great though when they are working) I suggest you just use the embedded http server, I have never had a problem with that it’s just a PITA.

while I appreciate the interest I think you’ve missed the problem here.

I can set the VLAN info, but doing so basically cuts out the passthrough port.

Sorry, I don’t have that problem. You can set vlans on the phone port or the lan port separately to a particular vlan or off . you can enable the passthrough port individually also.