Aastra 6757i CT Hold issue

Just wondering if anyone else has had a problem with an Aastra 6757i CT hold not working. It eventually drops the call, and drops the call right away if you take another call. Looking for a solution.

… that problem does not happen with my system. So one would need to know what system and versions you have. I would suggest also that since it seems that your problem is easily duplicated, then you should be able to look at your asterisk full log ( tail -f --lines=500 /var/log/asterisk/full ) or run asterisk –rvvvv to see what is happening.

PBX in a Flash 1.6
Running Asterisk Version:
Asterisk Source Version:
Dahdi Source Version:
Libpri Source Version:
Addons Source Version:

CentOS 5.4 (final) : 32 Bit Kernel 2.6.18-128.el5

I’d duplicate the problem, but part of the problem is that nothing shows up in the Asterisk log… Although my verbose was at 3, will check at 4.

Nothing hits Asterisk, it is as if the phone handles hold internally. And then doesn’t know what to do once it gets another call. Did not have this problem with my 480iCT, or I would not have purchased these!

Have you brought the firmware up to date ?

Firmware is which was the most recent as of February 16, 2010 when I last checked.

I did run into this before. We fixed it by going back to Asterisk 1.4.

Just out of curiosity, why are you running 1.6 ?

The answer to the 1.6 question is that it seemed like a good idea to use the latest versions that would work… who knew!?

Is there an easy way to “regress” or does that mean completely redoing the server?

That’s actually one of the reasons I wanted to do a Virtual Server install, but I’ve got a Dell T100 or something like that, and the Dual core doesn’t support it at the CPU level.

It’s a Dell SC440, guess I got it before they changed the model number!