Aastra 6735i problems

Currently running Freepbx version 1.818.210.62-1 and Asterisk version The problem we are experiencing is when a user is on a call and another call comes in on the second line, the caller they are on the phone with is automatically put on hold without them doing anything. The second call is not answered, I assume it is still just ringing. They can press line one to return to the call they were on. The phones are Aastra 6735i’s. It does not happen on every call that has a second call to come in either. Has anyone seen this or have any ideas of what to try?

I’m having the same problem.
You solved the problem? Can you tell me how it was resolved?

plus the phone locks up and then spontaneously reboots


check on the focus settings.the phone can be set to either leave the focus on the current call or switch to the incoming call.

they spontaneously reboot and I have had to RMA 4 of them thus far - all returned devices went into web recovery mode and would not come out …

Aastra wants me to do the analysis on whats causing the issue but I simply don’t have the time or resources to set up packet captures and syslogs

no issues whatsoever with our 6737i’s