Aastra 6731i config

So I’m a bit lost on setting up the Aastra 6731i on FreePBX. I’m using OSS Endpoint Manager. I used it for a Polycom IP330 phone and it worked wonderfully. It downloaded the config just fine. However, the Aastra isn’t working. I specified the TFTP server and it did pull down the new firmware it found but nothing is else is configured on the phone. The screen just says “no service”. I shouldnt have to go into the web gui or the tui to set this phone up, it should have pulled the config. So what am I missing? Are their any instructions? Any help would be great. Thanks.

So I figured out I needed to install the aastra-xml-script deal. That kind of helped. I rebooted the phone and now instead of showing “No Service”, It’s prompting for Ext…password…authentication.

Not had any progress but I noticed that the phone is not reading the .cfg file but it will the aastra.cfg. Why might that be? It’s suppose to read the mac.cfg first. I also there are difference config settings on the aastra.cfg per the xml script verses FreePBX generated aastra.cfg.

I’m at a loss. Even if I use someone elses .cfg files from the Internet or the Aastra Admin guide sample in the appendix, I am getting either “no service” or prompted to enter Ext, password, and authentication.