Aastra 57iCT and EPM and REST apps

Now I have EPM working with Aastra 57iCT phones. Great.

The documentation on the keys and their uses - don’t tie up exactly with the documentation. Some are not in the manual at all.

So in my example:
Soft Key 5
Label: Parking
Value: REST-Parking
Account: Global
Advanced - all ticked

When I hit the key marked parking - I get ‘Please Wait’ and then ‘connect Timeout’ on the screen.

Its not just this REST-API that does not work - None of them do.
I just use this one as an example.

I am licensed for the EPM, REST API and APPS.
That means the modules are loaded and do show in the Module Admin
Should I be doing anything else

Rest Apps is a commercial module that you have to purchase. Right now its a 90 day free trial on the Beta version but you still need to buy it in the store.

Secondly go to wiki.freepbx.org and under commercial modules follow the guide for how to setup and use Rest Apps.

I dont mind paying. But could not see how to do that - they are marked as free.

I am trial licensed. I have followed the documentation.
Essentially that means setting up a user within the RESTAPPS module and getting tokens etc.

It means setting up a key on the using the XML-API key and the relevant RESTAPP.

Also checked that the service is running correctly - as per the FAQ as well.

Done all of this.

Still have the basic problem that I have setup several softkeys - I have a 57-CT with 675 Sidecar.

when you hit the key the centre of the screen reports
Please wait…
then Connect timeout

I have been unable to make this work ‘out of the box’. Are there any other debug tip to look for?

My template does load correctly into the phone, I can speed dial - do BLF etc. Its just REST APP’s that do not work.

many thanks

As Tony said, the module is free but you still have to go “buy” it in the store to get your free beta license. This is how the authorization key is generated.

The RestApps use a custom apache port as defined in the sysadmin module under port management. Maybe go resubmit this page to make sure the port has taken.

What happens if you go to the URL of one of the API apps that you have setup inside a browser? This may help verify if the port is opened.

Also you can look in the apache access logs and error logs for clues.

Thank you Tony for your response.

I was not sure what the address of the API apps actually is. ie //pbx_ip_address/ ??? then what

Also happy to look into the log - I will google where it lives and see if there are any errors reported back.

Go look in the phone at one of the buttons but it should be something like


Replace IPADDR with your Ip Address of the PBX
Replace PORT with the port number Rest Apps are using as defined in Sysadmin Port Management
Replace EXT# with your extension number

This should bring up some XML such as


This was sort of helpful:
I checked the key DND as a single test.

I got the following error:
{“application_name”:“donotdisturb”,“application_display”:“DND”,“page_name”:“main”,“type”:“display”,“exitPath”:null,“layout”:[],“action”:[],“error”:[{“reason”:401,“display”:“DND is not authorized in the API module for extension 220.”}]}

So I go to the REST API module and look at the extension 220 in the Authorizations > Users> section.

there it shows all my extensions (users). I clicked on 220. Then

in the Authorisations > modules - select all

Then submit.

retyping the same ‘key’ again I now get:

But the phone still does not do anything when I hit the DND key.

I must be doing something wrong, but not sure exactly what.

Ok so you did not setup the user in Rest API like the wiki says.

Have you verified what the URL for the button is setup as. Almost seems like the button is not using the correct Port.

I think you are correct. For me it was slightly confusing, you do get a list of the users and apps, but need to select them and then they go a gray colour.
It was not immediately obvious that you have to select them - I did that on the users and apps and now they are selected correctly.

Simply clicking on them does not do the trick. (Maybe toggling them on and off is better?)

I checked the port settings - they appear to be correct - I never altered them from the defaults anyway.

Web server port: 80
HTTP provisioning: 84
Restful Apps Port: 88
Restful API: 96

Have you got any more tips / debug hints that I can try please?

Their are no default ports. As far as other tips I already told you to go check what the phone shows is setup for that button in the actual phone itself.

What Distribution are you using for your install?