Aastra 57i XML free pbx Voice Mail light On all the time

I was able to get all working with free pbx and asterisk 11.15 besides VM, if I leave vm
on the 57i the light is on, play and later delete from XML voicemail,
no messages at all but envelope is on the display and light still on.


#include vm_general.inc
#include vm_email.inc

mailboc under ext: [email protected]

funny is after I use *97 envelope and red light dispensary.

Any suggestion appreciate. Thank You. I understand xml is dead project but it can be still functional with newer versions of free pbx.

You will need to edit the aastradaemons (1 and 2) to suit later versions of Asterisk. Only the foolhardy would advise you further because of the risk of being sued by some patent-troll lawyer out there but yes the good old xml scripts still work with a couple of tweaks :wink:

Hello Mr. Dicko, Thank You so much for your help. Indeed, changes made my day be more happy :smile:
But, You Sir help me again, long time You helped me with Elastix and today again. I should mail you big bottle of something good.

Thank you!

@mst Jeje, I like Armagnac, you can buy it in magnums . . .

Just kidding, glad you got it fixed.