Aastra 57i conference feature(s) Is there anyway this can be done?


Have, Connected to Asterisk 1.4.19 currently running, FreePBX

Aastra 57i (user A) receives call from ZAP trunk. User A decides that the outside caller and needs to speak with Aastra 57i 9 (user b) User A hits the Conference key on the 57i and gets User B on the line with the ouside call.

Is there a key stroke combination for user a, to leave the conference with user b, and the outside call. I have read that * flash * should be able to perform this. I have setup and Flash softkey, but * flash * does not work.

I know about putting the call into call parking etc, I just want to know if there is a direct keystroke combo to do this.


ps aastra 57i have latest software

no - you are using the built in conference function of the phone, so once that phone is hung up, you have ended all calls. However, if you transfer the person to a meetme button (in the latest aastra xml 2.0, the conference is then held on the pbx, and any user can hangup without affecting other users.

You could build a softkey that does something like dtmf ##500 - 500 being a conference built in freepbx, and ## being the transfer key sequence - but you would still need to call 500 when done. You could create a dedicated conference for each extension, but the short answer is - no there is nothing that will meet your exact desires.

If you put a feature request in the trac, i think you would describe it as supervised transfer with conference - maybe it will be considered for the next version.

I don’t have a Aastra 57i, we use 9133i. We also don’t have a conferance button but transfer. we can do what you are describing. Take a call, realize you need to bring another into the call so you the call on hold/transfer, call a second person they pick up and then bring the call back from hold and all three are talking. If I hang up the other two stay connected and I can go about my business.

It’s documented in the phones little manual.

Hope that helps.

hmm, thats interesting, I have had users try to do that on the 5i series, and it doesnt seem to work, maybe i will have to mess with it.


fskrotzki is correct. The 9133i manual page 26 clearly states:

  1. To exit the conference leaving
    the other two parties connected,
    disconnect by placing
    the handset back on-hook or by
    pressing the (graphic hangup key)

In the 57i manual says to use the arrows keys to scroll through the list of the parties on the call. When a name /number is displayed, pressing (right arrow key) drops the displayed party from the call.

Really no solid mention of this feature like te 9133i manual.

I will try to see if I can do the function this evening and report back

Thanks to all