Aastra 55i configuration / dial plan

We just switched over to FreePBX system running our phone system. We are using all AAStras 55i’s and mostly it is going good. I setup the phones using the aastra XML scripts. The only 2 main complaints we have is: when they push the Voice Mail button on the phone, and listen then delete all of their voice mail, it still shows that there is 1 left on the phone. If they sign back into their voice mail, it says they don’t have any. The only way I found to get rid of it is have them dial *97 to check their voice mail there and then it will stop showing it on the phone. I don’t know if that is a bug or what it is, but it is anoying. The other complaint is delay they have after entering the phone number before it dials. Is there some way to decrease that time so as soon as they are done dialing, it will dial out, without having to push the dial button?

Thanks for any help.

I’d recommend on-hook dialing. Dial the number before picking up the phone.

There is a configuration setting that sets the dial delay, but making it too short can result in the system trying to dial the number if there is any delay (such as forgetting what number you are dialing half way through.) We’re in our 7th year of using the Asterisk/FreePbx combo, and we’ve pretty much found that the dial delay has become pretty much of a dead issue. Our users have become accustomed to on hook dialing, pushing the dial button, or waiting. We tell our users pushing the dial button is exactly like dialing a cell phone.


The proper way to configure this is using a dial plan that accomodates 7 and 10 digit plus local extension dialing.

This makes the phone work like a normal phone, you pick it up or press a line key, obtain dial tone and the phone immediately starts the call.

Take a look at the “local Dial Plan” field.

Here is mine, my extensions start with 1 and 5 and are 3 digits.


I’m just starting to investigate local dial plans for aastra (6755i). I’ve been searching examples to try to create something appropriate for my locale.

I’m having a bit of a problem with this one.

I see the 10 digit dialing preceded by 9 with or w/o a 1. But I don’t see 7 digit dialing in the plan as noted in the comment. Or is 7 digit just handled after a timeout with 9[2-9]xxxxxxxxx. I do have some 10 digit dialing and some long distance in that same area code so this one looks very helpful.

I had been trying to design something without the need to use 9 for external calls but see that’s not really possible.

You can make an outbound route without the 9 at the beginning, construct your outbound routes to fit your needs and then mirror them in the aastra dialplan, add any “*codes” from your


page that you use. for example one pbx NANP dial string might look like:-

sip dial plan: “2XXX|1XXXXXXXXXX|[2-9]XXXXXX|011XXXXXXXXXXXX+|*XX|411|555|*27X|[2-9]11”

where all extension are 4 digits starting with 2, all LD dialing needs 11 digits, local calls are accepted as seven digits and International will need at least 12 digits after the international and allow directory and channel spy, (27X for “call flow/ Day night” toggles and X11 for info servi ces

ok. thanks. so this is where I guess I’m just being dense. Do you expect users to do on-hook or off-hook dialing. In your example it seems that a local 7 digit call to 271-0000 would be sent in the invite as extension 2710 after 4 digits. I must be missing something simple here. Sorry for being so stubborn. In skykingoh’s example I had the same problem in seeing how a local 7 digit call to 710-0000 could complete. It looked like the 7x pattern for parking would derail that local call.

The 7x would derail the call, that’s why in my example users must dial a 9.

In today’s world of non NXX compliant NPA’s and exchanges it is damn dear impossible to have 7 digit and 10 digit dial plan supported immediate dial.

thanks for the sanity check! It seems like folks all over the forums like the idea of doing away with the 9. I think its here to stay until we can program a “do what I’m thinking” softkey on the phones. Thanks again.