Aastra 480i NOIP Redirect Issue

Hi all. New to this forum!
I have an Aastra 480i and a FreePBX box. I can connect to the box from the phone fine when using the internal IP (, and when using the external IP (I’ve setup port forwarding). However, when I use a noip.com link I set up, it fails to connect.

Quick note: Noip tracks your public IP encase it changes. They give me a url… whatever.noip.com which redirects to whatever my public IP is at the time. (My ISP don’t offer static IPs).

I want to be able to connect over noip so I can send this phone to a remote worker aka remote extension.

NAT is set to yes on the extension in question.

Any answers very very much appreciated :slight_smile:
[1]: http://noip.com