Aastra 480i and 9133i not starting hold music

Hi guys, just moved over to FreePBX from Trixbox a few months ago. One issue we are having is our Aastra phones (480i and 9133i) do not trigger hold music when putting a caller on hold. In addition, the system drops the caller after about 15-30 seconds of the hold button being pressed on the Aastra phone.

I have looked everywhere on the forum to see what the solution is but found nothing. I suspect the SIP “hold” message is not being received by the server from the Aastra phones. Any ideas?


It appears to have been fixed in I have not tested.

Has this been fixed. I have been having this issue for months now ( our 480I’s cannot put a line on hold because there is no MOH and the caller is dropped after 30 seconds )but I have not seen a fix which has been implemented on freepbx. I heard is was supposed to come with Asterisk 1.8.9. How can I upgrade?

What distro are you using for your install. The FreePBX upgrades only upgrade FreePBX GUI you need to upgrade Asterisk.

Hey Tony,

My apologies for my ignorance in posting in the wrong area. I started this box with the 2.10.0 distro back in February. I understand Asterisk is separate from Freepbx. I thought that I was able to update it through module admin. I think all I need to do is get Asterisk to 1.8.9 ( Now showing as ).