A400-A40004E - 8 Port FXO Question

I see this card has a DB-25 connector. Does the card come with the necessary cable that would allow it to work with 8 FXO (cat 3) jacks?

Card should ship with Sangoma CABL-631 which is a DB-25 to 12 twisted-pair cable.

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Will this card fit in a 1U server? I’m finding conflicting info on various sites. It certainly appears to be 1U sized but some sites say otherwise. Thank you

Cards aren’t typically measured by their compatibility with server rack units.
The A400 is a low-profile (half-height), full-length solution. The base card interfacing with the PCIe bus is low-profile, half-length; but the A400 remora (which interfaces with the analog modules) is full-length.

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