A200 Line Cord Extension

The wiki shows that the card uses an RJ11 Narrow to RJ14. I need to either extend these current cables or replace. I don’t deal with analog connections often can someone point me in the right direction?

You can extend them or replace them with a longer one, whatever suites your needs. The rj11 pinout on the plugs is the standard one. The pinout for the rj14 plugs can be found on Sangoma’s wiki page.

For a modest investment, you can get an RJ-11/14 crimper, some ends appropriate to your needs, and a spool each of 4- and 8-conductor “silver satin” wire. You will probably spend about the same amount of money (perhaps a little more) and be able to get exactly the length and configuration you need.

There are tons of places that sell it all - my goto (before they closed down almost everywhere) was Radio Shack.

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