A10X can't boot in ubuntu with PCIe connected

i have the next problem:
Server DELL R430, with ubuntu 16.04, kernel 4.4.0-87, and a Sangoma’s PCIe A101DE connected to riser. In the BIOS, the card is detected without problem, but when ubuntu is starting to boot, it freezes and do anything more until reboot server. If i add the option ‘acpi=off’ to grub command to boot ubuntu, it start without problem, except the acpi condition (just recognice one cpu, can’t passthough pci cards to kvm, etc), so that is not useful for me. In this mode the command lspci recognice the card like “Network controller: Sangoma Technologies Corp. A200/Remora FXO/FXS Analog AFT card” and drivers can detect it. I try upgrading de FW to v40 and downgrade fw to v33, but without change (Originally, it has FW v37).

By other way, i also have a B601 PCIe, and with that card connect i don’t have any problem, ubuntu start normally, and lspci gets “Network controller: Sangoma Technologies Corp. Device 0025”.
Obviously, i need to use the A101 card.

What can be the problem for A101 card? Why A101 card don’t allow boot of ubuntu? any suggestion?