A scenario for call transfer


I have this scenario from my boss when I’m trying to setup asterisk in my office.
Consider a client X calls from outside. The call is directly routed to an extension now (Receptionist 100). He/She should be able to answer the call, and in the same call make a transfer to my boss and ask if he’s free. If he’s not remove him from the call and remove the hold on the client call and tell him to call later.

Is it possible to put a call on hold and make a call with that to another extension in Asterisk ?

NOTE : I know we can transfer calls directly with ## and I am not asking about that. I need to be in the call, and hold the call and make one more to my boss within this call… or have it configured like that.

That’s called an Attended Transfer, which is generally the default way to do it. So with the caller on line you hit the transfer button, see if the person is either there or doesn’t want to take the call. The transfer attempt is dropped and you’re back in the call with the caller.

If I press *2(attended transfer) I transfer my call to my boss while the client is on call. So, if the boss doesn’t want to talk and tells me by attending my call, will the client hear that ?

No, they will not. Because it’s “Attended” whoever is transferring the call has to complete the process. The caller is just on hold while it happens.

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