A little slow at reloading


I recently moved from a physical box FreePBX 2.9 to a virtual machine FreePBX 2.11. I reconfigured the whole virtual machine from scratch. There is one thing I noticed when I reload (apply setting) from time to time. On my old host, the IP Trunk status and IP Trunk Registration would come online and register within seconds. Now, when I do the same thing, the IP Trunk status usually takes 30 seconds to become online and the IP Trunk Registration usually takes 1 minute to register.

I am wondering if anybody is experiencing the same thing. Is this normal? This is bothering me a bit because I used to be able to hit that apply setting button anytime I want but now I have to watch out because during the reload, nobody can initiate new calls and no callers can dial in. I have to do this on a lunch break or after hours now.