A few Phone Apps questions

I just bought Phone Apps Module for our 6869i phones (Phone Firmware and FreePBX version 6.12.65-30

I have a few questions/issues:

Is it possible to have the phone ask for a password for the voicemail function ?
Even if the extension is set to always ask for a password, the Voicemail Phone App bypasses this.

Call Parking:
According to the user manual, “For phones that support center screen notifications, the slot number of any newly parked caller will also display for a few seconds” This doesn’t seem to always work. I do see the notification that a call is parked, but it shows only the first call that was parked (71). If I park a second call (72), it is not shown. Also, the parked call notification is shown on all phones, no just the phone on which it was parked.

This one is probably more a question for FOP2 support, but I’ll ask it anyways: When I use the DND button, FOP2 is not updated but I see that my extension is in DND mode in FreePBX.
I could probably work around this issue if I could find a way to program a BLF that doesn’t play the “DND Activated/Deactivated” prompt every time it’s used. It bothers some of the users (I program the BLFs with *76__line1Ext__ in EPM)
The DND buttons from phone apps has the perfect behavior for me, except for the FOP2 problem.