A few management questions

dear community,

pleas sorry but i have a frew questions (what is possible and how i can solve this?):

  1. how i can deactivate the “knock” function?
  2. is it possible to activate a global address book (i use snom phones)
  3. is it possible to change the ringer on snom phones if a call comes from a internal ext? external a other one
  4. if i have a ringgroup and one of my extensions has enabled DND, is it possible to let this ext from external and internal ring (over extension number)? or can i do this on a other way as DND? if i dont wont be disturbed from the main ring group (but with external and internal extension it should ring).
  5. can it be that if a have activated the voicemail (or tim condition) that i cannot call out at the same time where the voice mail are activated? this problem i have currently.

maybe you can help me, thank you very much!

many greets

  1. No idea what a knock function is.
  2. Probably not, but if the Snom phones support an address book, you might be able to manage it outside of FreePBX.
  3. Yes, you are looking for “Alert Info”. On your inbound route, choose an Alert Info compatible with your devices
  4. Not with DND. If you were using Queues instead of ring groups, your users could ‘pause’ themselves.
  5. Interesting idea, but to do this requires custom code, there is not supported way to do this at present.

dear lorne gaetz,

thank you for your answer.

with 1 i mean the function call waiting (currently i see on my phone (if i am on the line) that a new call coming in. is this call waiting? then i mean this. can i this deactivate directly on pbx or on my phone?
2. ok thank you, then i must setup a LDAP server. do you know a ldap server for the operating system where freepbx is running?
3. thank you very much!
4. okay, do you have a short doc how i can setup this including with “pause”? i only have created ringgroups currently.

one last question:
is it possible to change the ringer if:

  • inbound route from external: a different ringer
  • all internal called extensions (from internal ext): a different ringer?

thank you very much

many greets

All your questions are covered in the wiki.

You can disable Call Waiting using a feature code (Admin, Feature Codes) or from UCP.

Queue info is in the wiki:

Alert Info on inbound routes:

Thank you very much!

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I have a global directory that works for snom phones directly from FreePBX, the only restriction is that you need to generate a new template everytime you add, delete or modify extensions, but that is easily doable from a special webpage. Let me know if interested, some manual configuration is needed, as this is not a freepbx module, only custom code.

dear arielgrin,

tahnk you. yes what i should / mus do do get this working?
maybe your code can helps me, please let me know.

thank you very much!

many greets

I sent you a private message with the script and instructions to use it.