A development idea I have not seen

Hi All, Merry Xmas and all that stuff.

I was wondering if anyone with their fingers on the pulse would like to experiment with the time conditions and Groups to change colour like the call path items do.
Red for inactive green for active. Would be right handy for checking time condition related setups. Just a thought if you had nothing to do. I may have a look and patch the code on this box to see the effect but then I know the modules will complain of tampering.

it might do this in 13. I will look later when I have a moment

No Worries,
I found the line that prints up the timecondition Name and changed the color.
Nice as a subtle indicator, the red green thing.
Had a quick look to see if I could find the current state, but I think in auto mode the tcstate flag was blank.
if you could highlight a bit of code that will give me the current state of the TC or TG I can have a play to thrash out the thought…