A couple minor issues in Module Admin and CDR->CEL

Since accidentally upgrading to distro 10.13.66, and currently on 10-13-66-5 (13.0.1RC1.3), under Module Admin, anytime I click on any of the repositories, I.E., Unsupported or Commercial, etc, I get:

Error: Did not receive valid response from server.

Upon closing it I get a debug screen full of good info, but doubt you guys want it all. The main error seems to be:

fwrite() expects parameter 1 to be resource, not null

Second issue is under CDR when you click on a call system number, (column system), sometimes I get a nice call event log, but more often than not it just goes back to the CDR report page and have to reload to get the call records.

Any info is appreciated and I may have missed this if these have been reported before.

Remove the digium phones module to fix.

Thanks Lorne! I went ahead and removed both Digium modules, the addons and the one you suggested.It fixed the Module Admin issue which is great.

BUT… they should all play together well when installed… and maybe used.

It did nothing for the drill down data (CEL) on CDR reports which I figured it wouldn’t…


If you use the most current version of the Digium modules, they should work fine with FreePBX. Go ahead an reinstall if you need them.

I am unable reproduce your second issue, are you using the latest version of all modules?

Yes I am. Even the Digium nodules were the latest… as far as I could tell from version info and what was available for update…

I am using Asterisk 11.19.0 and I know that > 12 will do more for CEL data, but some records drill down nicely and others simply don’t.

And… somehow, did I miss finding this answer in my search? In re Module Admin. Seems too simple an answer that would have been asked earlier! (Hate it when that happens.

Yep. It’s come up a couple times in the last week or so, but I am not seeing anything useful in search results either.

I was wrong, updating digium phones does not fix the issue, you must keep in uninstalled as you discovered. It is a known issue, so it will be addressed at some point.

As far as CEL goes, I can’t reproduce your issue, but I am using Asterisk 13 which could well account for the difference.

The issue is resolved (for a third time) in Digium Phones

Andrew, Thanks so much to you and your crew in being on top of stuff!

Any thoughts on the CDR->CEL issue, why some an not others drill down?


If the records are old they won’t have CEL records if CEL wasn’t setup correctly. You shouldn’t have randomly missing records. If that is the case then you’ll need to do some debugging as to whats going on