A call to a queue operator does not end after another queue operator answers the call

The caller calls into the queue. Operator 1 answers the call. However, after this the call to Operator 2 does not end. This happens sometimes.
The queue consists of only static agents.
Here are my queue settings:

Queue No Answer = No
Call Confirm = No
Call Confirm Announce = Default
Wait Time Prefix = No
Alert Info = No
Ringer Volume Override = No
Ringer Volume Override Mode = No
Restrict Dynamic Agents = No
Agent Restrictions = Call as Dialed
Ring Strategy = ringall
Autofill = No
Skip Busy Agents = Yes
Queue Weight = 0

Max Wait Time = Unlimited
Max Wait Time Mode = Strict
Agent Timeout = 20 seconds
Agent Timeout Restart = Yes
Retry = 5 seconds
Wrap-Up-Time = 30 seconds
Member Delay = 0 seconds
Agent Announcement = None
Report Hold Time = No
Auto Pause = No
Auto Pause on Busy = No
Auto Pause on Unavaliable = No

Max Callers = 0
Join Empty = Yes
Leave Empty = No
Penalty Members Limit = Honor Penalties

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