A better way than queues?

When I first setup up FreePBX it was on version 12. I have since updated to latest and just want to see what others are doing and see if the way I have it set up is the best way. We have 8 SIP GrandStream phones. Each of the 8 phones has 2 extensions. 1 Extension per each phone, and the 2nd extension on each phone is part of a QUEUE so when they call all phones will ring on that 2nd extension with skip busy agent. What we want is for all phones to ring, but to also be able to place the call on hold, so they could call internally to another phone (which was the reason for the 1st extension). Is there a better way to go about this? Does PJ_SIP offer anything better or is the way I am doing it right?

Yeah, you really don’t need multiple extensions for that - that probably is adding too much complexity for no benefit.

Also, if you have two different extensions, Queues with Skip Busy will not skip the agent if they are on the first line - because the line signed into the Queue is NOT busy.

What you are trying to achieve you can do with multiple appearances of the Same Line - So at least a couple of buttons both serving Line One - then, if you have a Queue Call, you can put the call on hold, hit the second appearance, and make another call.

(Technically you can do this with a single appearance, but it is easier for people to see and use the second appearance.)

So how do you go about doing this? So for example if all 8 phones ring then phone 1 picks up, they will have 2 appearances on their phone, one which they will pick up and if they put the call on hold they can use the second appearance to call someone else. Now while phone 1 is on the call and another call comes in will that still ring the remaining 7 phones so they can now do the same as phone 1, and then etc for the remainder of the phones?

The ringing call doesn’t have to be picked up - picking up the Handset answers the ringing call - or pressing the Speakerphone button does the same thing.

And yes to the rest of your questions - That’s how Queues and Multiple call appearances work.