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FreePBX 15, Linux 7.8, Asterisk 16.19.0

STABLE SNG7-PBX-64bit-2104-1

I have been reading documents all over the place on this issue and have tried to follow instructions on getting rid of 9xxxxx extensions that show “unavailable.”

In the user group I have disabled Phone in the UCP.

I have deleted all of the 9xxxxx by going to: https://deploymentID//admin/config.php?display=devices

Have disabled Zulu entirely.

However, I am still seeing:

With the RTC phone disabled for all users, and no Zulu, what causes this. Is it detrimental to the system? Is it safe to ignore?

I do use Sangoma Connect, but only for 2 of 74 users.

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have you clicked “apply config”

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fwconsole reload

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You insulted me and the community in one now removed reply and you seem to want to passive aggressively double down. I reserve my knowledge and skills for those who appreciate them ESPECIALLY when doing things for free. That said you feel you are above the community so I shall leave you with a recommendation to seek Paid support at https://support.sangoma.com

If someone else wishes to be more helpful short of you having to pay someone to listen it is on them.

Best of luck and god bless.

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I would be more interested in specifically knowing how I insulted you or the community. Perhaps I lack a certain social quality that can seem somewhat ambiguous. My reference to range of intelligence was simply that I have seen posts from people who have very little knowledge, if any, all the way to members like you and Dicko. But yes, in my mind “have you clicked apply config,” was insulting. If you didn’t mean for it to be, that is the way my mind processed it since I have been working with these systems for quite some time.

To that end, I apologize to you and the community. I have tried to offer help in the past and posted many questions also. NEVER have I been rude or insulting.

Best wishes.

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Basic troubleshooting: ALWAYS try the easy stupid things first. It doesn’t matter who you are. Making sure you apply your config after a change isn’t insulting, it’s just a good starting point.

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