988 Functionality

Does anyone know if the 988 Suicide Prevention Hotline needs to route out of an emergency route similar to 911?

It wouldn’t be a bad idea but you will need to re-route 988 to 800-273-8255 until next year

Yeah I’m doing that I’m just not sure if the route has to be emergency once the 3 digit goes fully into effect next year.

As long as 988 pre-empts any other outbound route and goes directly to 800-273-8255 , it is effectively an emergency route. As of next year the carriers will be required to do that reroute but the 800 number will still work.

It’s more about sending through the emergency caller ID so it passes through the information submitted to e911 - not sure if they will do the same thing.

Not until next year I believe there is as yet no e-988 registry to do that, and the Suicide Hotline could only ‘dispatches’ on a case by case nature

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Groovy, I’ll just keep an eye out.

Many carriers (the one I work for included) already support 988. The calls don’t go to a PSAP so the normal 911 rules don’t apply. That said if someone picks up the phone for that reason it is probably good they dial out…

side note if your emergency routes notify it may be best to give 988 a different route. Someone wants to talk they probably won’t if they know it gets broadcast out to all the things…


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