*97 vs *98 voicemail access

I’m confused … either way of accessing voicemail always ends up with requiring a mailbox selection.

I am trying to get handsets to monitor a different mailbox, and be able to *97 to that mailbox without having to specify it.

So exten 1002, i want MWI working for mailbox 2500. Under exten settings, if I set 2500 or [email protected] as teh mailbox, then teh MWI works however the My Voicemail access does not (always get Comedian Mail, Mailbox?). If i set [email protected], neither the access nor the MWI work.

Using asterisk 11 with fpbx 2.11.

Anyone here care to help me with this issue? A lot of my customers like to have just one single mailbox (if i can use Cisco terms, a GDM). It would be nice if the Messages key on the phone only prompted for PIN…

This is how it’s suppose to work. @device is for voicemail, not retrieval. During the retrieval processes FreePBX checks to make sure you aren’t “spoofing” your device to gain access to the voicemail system.

Thanks, Andrew.

So the voicemail part is only relevant for when you have fwd to busy voicemail set etc?

And, I cannot have handsets monitor a common mailbox as well as having them retrieve messages without specifying said mailbox ID?

I have a common mailbox with multiple phones. The voice mail lights come on every phone using the mailbox [email protected] However the only way I’ve found to retrieve the voice mail is for them to enter the common mailbox number then the password. I think I COULD program a key on their phone to do that instead of using the regular Voicemail button but I never have.

Thanks for the help.

When I have it set to [email protected], when it isn’t the same extension as the phone, the MWI doesn’t work.

Think I will just need to settle with [email protected] - the MWI works and the customer will have to dial the mailbox each time. I don’t want to set the mailbox as part of what the button dials (yes, could go with *97xxxx, already thought of that but I want to keep the phone configs fairly generic).