911 Going to Wrong PSAP

I have an issue and I’m not sure where to address the concern. It’s probably not FreePBX (I believe it’s the SIP provider), but I’m hoping I can confirm that before reaching out.

I recently configured E911 CIDs for a company with 5 locations. The CID information (including the address) is passed correctly to the dispatcher, but when I dial 911 it goes to the county dispatch instead of the city dispatch. I confirmed with the county dispatch that based on the address, it should be going to the city.

I use SIPStation, so I will be reaching out to them next unless someone knows what else could be the issue. I don’t know if any config information would help, since I think FreePBX is passing out the Emergency Route correctly, but I’ll gladly provide any information requested.


This 100% has to do with the 9-1-1 location registered to the DID. The PBX sends nothing related to the address/location just the DID which they do a lookup on the DID to pull the registered location details.

If the call is going to the wrong PSAP then the address isn’t submitted properly.

Interesting. The county verified that the address was correct. But they’re also the ones that said it should go to the city. I figured it wasn’t PBX related, since the only thing I can really change is the Emergency CID on an extension (and I’ve bound the address to the CID at the provider).

Maybe I’ll talk to the dispatcher about it.

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