911 and VOIP

I currently use a voip service that doesn’t have local 911 option. So I have two questions:

  1. I was provided a 7-digit phone number by the local police department that connects to the Emergency Dispatch Dept (the same as 911 does). So How do I set up a method in FreePBX where if “911” is dialed on the phone, asterisk actually dials the 7-digit number?

  2. Is there a way to push my current info (address, phone number) when asterisk dials the 7-digit Emergency number?

There are a couple other approaches you can take that are arguably easier:

Create a Misc Destination, and enter your 7 digit number there. Then create a Misc. Application, make the feature code “911”, then make the destination the Misc. destination you just created.


(FreePBX 2.8 or higher): In your Outbound Routes, create an outbound route just for 911 (make sure its route postion is first, at the top of the list). Under “Dial Patterns that will use this Route”, create a pattern as follows:

Prepend: Your seven digit number in the format it needs to go to your trunk(s) (so, you may need to add the 1+area code to the front). In any case, the entire number goes in the “prepend” text box.

Prefix: 911

Match pattern: Leave this field blank

CallerID: Leave this blank too, unless you want to specify that only a certain extension or extension pattern can use this route.

The above seems a bit counter intuitive because you don’t usually leave the match pattern field blank. But in this case, Asterisk matches on the prefix + match pattern (911 + “nothing”), strips off the prefix (the 911), and then prepends the local number from the prepend field (again the prepend is to “nothing”). So all you’re left with, and what’s sent to the trunk(s) you select, is the contents of the prepend field.

Don’t forget to check the Route Type: Emergency checkbox, or to select one or more trunks to handle your calls.

Set up a ring group named 911 with the 7 digit number as the target. When 911 is dialed it should ring the 7 digit number.

Dialing the 7 digit number to the PSAP is NOT the same as dialing 911. You’re ca;;ing the admin line of the PSAP. Authough you are getting into the PSAP, the call may not be handled as quickly as one coming in on a 911 trunk. In many centers, you might not even get a call taker directly.

While it may be possible to push address info, mainly depending on your service provider, only the 911 trunks will deliver ANI/ALI info.

The 911 center will get standard caller ID when you call the admin trunk.

Before you set this up, check with the 911 center to see if they can link the caller’s 7 digit number to an entry in their CAD (computer aided dispatch) system. Most cad systems allow this. This way when the call taker manually enters the number, notes on the location can pop up.

Just to confirm in case anyone is looking for this thread in 2014+. I currently just setup my e911 service with a provider up here in Canada (Northern 911). The suggestion that @The_Other_Guy provided worked perfectly for me in one shot.

Thank you!

I am using:

FreePBX (Distro)
Asterisk 11.10.2
Fax Pro
Conference Pro