811 won't dial out

I am having a hard time creating an outbound route for 811. Everytime I call 811 I get “all circuits are busy please try again later” message. What could I be doing wrong? I have a [NXX] route, [811] route, and have tried [XXX] route. any suggestions? Please and thank you!

The logs are your friend on this. They will tell you exactly what it happening when you dial.

It could be a restriction from your provider. For example, my default outbound route is my VOIP trunk. I have a match pattern in my outbound route of 811. If I let my VOIP truck be the first trunk the call fails. “Call can not be completed as dialed” However I also have a land line that I keep for emergencies and I have a trunk set up for it. If I make that trunk the first trunk in the Trunk Sequence the call completes fine. My conclusion is that my Dial pattern is correct, but that my VOIP provider is blocking the 811 call.