*8 Call Pickup doesn't work (SOLVED)

*8 wont work to pick up any incoming calls.

I can;however, use the ** to pick up the lines.

I need to get the *8 working. I have no idea why it’s not working.

I have the FreePBX Distro installed with a Digium TDM2400P card and analog trunks and phones.

Any ideas? I’ve searched everywhere and I can see it’s a common problem with no common solution.


Do you have call groups and pickup groups setup for the extensions?

I’ll explain my settings below but basically I have one main ring group and nothing else. I’ve invested a bunch of time filing through google results trying to find out how to set up pickup groups or if I even need to.

I have a main ring group which rings 4 out of the 10 extensions. I also have a remote softphone (sip) extension that rings in order to externally monitor the calls coming in.

I want to be able to pickup a call ringing the main ring group from any other phone. I believe this to mean that I set every pickup group to the same value.

If that is correct, do I just set each value to 1 in the Extensions, save, apply, reload?

What version of FreePBX and Asterisk are you using? We this a Distro install or built by hand.

You can set the 4 phones in the ring group to have call group 1. Set the phones that you want to be able to pick up calls with to pickup group 1. Only the phones in pickup group 1 will be able to *8 calls in call group 1.

Also check “Enable Call Pickup” for the ring group.

You can get elaborate with setting up multiple call and pickup groups too.

Yep! Thanks. I didn’t actually have any pickup group set.

Thanks again!