7941G Registration Fails

Hey Guys,

Trying to configure my first Cisco Phone, 7941G to be exact. I have loaded the SIP firmware to the phone with no issue.

OSS EPM is working fine and the phone is grabbing the config, so no issues there…Phone just says its registering for about 5mins or so then gives up.

I read a similar post and they solved the issue by shortening the secret, I tried this and updated the config, rebooted the phone with no change.

Lastly I stopped fail2ban and iptables to ensure that nothing was holding me up there and the phone simply still will not register.

Also possibly noteworthy is that the time is off on the phone by about 7 months, I have the ntp server configured and my other phones are using it with no issue.

Please let me know if you want to see any logs or anyting.