*77 and voicemail problem with linksys/SPA-3102 solved

I am posting this because no one should have to figure it out.
If you have tried recording for you IVR pressing *77 and use a linksys/sipura SPA-3102 like I do.
*77 on the sipura blocks the last caller.
So while testing your voicemail from an cellphone you have etc you may have blocked yourself and thus you never get through.

on the sipura web interface login as Admin>
on the Voice Tab select User1,

If you see the number you have been calling from listed in 'Block Last Caller’
delete it and submit the changes.

Now at least you can get things to behave as you expect since the problem is never reflected in freepbx.

To record I had to set in Setup>Admin>Feature Codes Recording to *44 and Check Recording to *