7 digit dialing works, but not 10 digit


Running FreePBX

Strange issue, people are able to dial 7 digit numbers and have them go through just fine. But, when a 10 digit number is dialed, FreePBX doesn’t even seem to acknowledge the dialing was done. Using Grandstream HT801 ATA’s. Some people, it’s working fine, others it’s not. Any insight would be useful.

We are going to need to see your dial plan on FreePBX and on the Grandstream HT801.

I would agree. Dial plan on the phone sounds like the issue.

The Grandstream ATAs lack the “short interdigit timer” feature present on Cisco, Obihai, etc.

As a result, there is IMO no good way to configure them for both 7-and 10-digit dialing. I recommend that you configure either 7- and 11-digit dialing (users must dial 1 before an area code), or 10- and 11-digit dialing (users must dial an area code on all calls).

If you must allow both 7- and 10-digit dialing, be aware that the timer setting is a tough compromise. For example, if you set it for 4 seconds, a user dialing 7 digits will have a 4 second delay before the call is sent to the PBX. But if he pauses for 4 seconds while dialing e.g. to look up the rest of the number, the partial string will be sent and the call will fail.

You can set the timer long; the user can dial # after 7 digits to speed the call along.

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Another place to look is in the Outbound Routes. You’ll need to map 7-digit number to 10-digit numbers for your outbound trunks, so you may be running into a conversion on the outbound route problem as well.

Of course, logs would help is get around a lot of guesswork.

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