*65 announced wrong extension number

I newly installed a FreePBX 2.6 and Asterisk 1.62. Almost everything works fine, but from any extension pressing *65, it will all announce the biggest extension number. Calling from outside to each extension is fine, calling between each extension are also working fine. However, if the biggest extension got a voice mail, all extensions will have that voice mail tone when handset picked up.

In addition, from the VOIP provider, it shows all the outgoing calls are made from that biggest extension name, even that extension never dialed outside line at all.

Where to look for this problem?

I wonder if there is a formating problem with your /etc/asterisk/voicemail.conf file or /etc/asterisk/vm_general.inc file.

When *65 pressed, was Asterisk referring to voicemail.conf or vm_general.inc file to determine which analog port plugged in? I looked those two files and not seening anything actually have extension information in it. Do you have any suggestion which field should I look?

I thought *65 is a feature, so it might related to something in the feature code, but all those code are dynamically generated by FreePBX.

I decided to upgrade to 2.7 to see if that can fix this *65 problem. However, that is a bigger disaster… During upgrade IVR, it failed. Now, I have 2.6 IVR gone from the system and 2.7 IVR not installed. When I tried to install, it gave me this error message:

ALTER TABLE ivr CHANGE COLUMN announcement announcement VARCHAR ( 255 ) [nativecode=1054 ** Unknown column ‘announcement’ in ‘ivr’]

I really need help on this now :frowning: I want to cry…

I understand your frustration, but you have now cluttered the forums with at least 4 of 5 posts of this IVR upgrade issue (some of which I have removed as they were redundant).

Please try to keep your help requests for one topic focused on one thread, or alternatively, have a look at: