64 bit VS 32 BIT

OK so I’ve been a member of this forum for some time.
My question is "why the upgrade from fat32 then NTFS file system"
how is the ntfs or fat32 file system related to 32/64bit
and what are the differences
64 bit VS 32 BIT and circumference of NTFS aka FAT32
Linux 64 bit

Not sure I really understand what you are asking?
fat32 and NTFS are file system formats, usually used for Windows operating system rather than Linux. Linus will typically be ext3 or ext4, not sure of hand which the FreePBX distro uses by default.
32 bit VS 64bit is the operating system, both Windows and Linus come in both flavours. As long as your hardware supports it (anything modern will do) then I’d always install 64bit nowadays. The main difference is the much larger addresses range meaning it can handle very much more memory. Programs can be compiles for 32bit or 64bit, generally 32bit programs will run on 64bit systems. 64bit programs can take advantage or the larger addressing range.

There is no relation at all. Just because the name ‘fat32’ contains the number ‘32’, that doesn’t have anything to do with the CPU Architecture of the operating system.

(For those nerds who are saying ‘But wait, it actually relates to the sizeof(int)’ then, yes, I know that, but that’s not important right now :sunglasses: