64 bit Distro

Is there a 64bit distro? if so is there one for the beta yet?

No at this time their is not a 64 bit version.

We just released the first Beta version of 64 bit


Are there any boosting in performance in 64 bit version (if you have 64 bit processor)?

Mainly that you can use more memory for larger installs.

In a barter deal I just got an HP N40L Microserver. Although not my idea of micro, still an nice unit.


But there is Kernel PAE for 32bit system larger than 4 GB ram.

Asterisk probably is not working any faster on 64bit?

Ok we fixed the bug with the manager.conf issue.

As far as the PAE kernel for 32 bit. Our plan is to stick to the non PAE kernel. If you want more than 4GB of ram than use 64 Bit. Apache and MySQL both benefit with 64 bit and asterisk has a compile time flag for 64 bit so it must have some benefits for 64Bit.

Looking forward to trying this out. I just installed a system on a box with 8 gigs of RAM. Not that it’s likely to need it, but it sure will give me the warm and fuzzies to see it all available. :smiley: