6.12.65-31=Update to FreePBX 13 STABLE?

I assume the release note for 6.12.65-31 is wrong when it says “Update to FreePBX 13 STABLE”?


6.12.65-31 Released 10-25-15
Update Asterisk 11.20 and 13.6 FREEPBX-10567
Update to FreePBX 13 STABLE

13 is stable, currently in soft release

So applying 6.12.65-31 updates the system to FreePBX 13?

Does that mean, that running the 6.12.65-31 update script will update me to FreePBX 13, but remain on the same distro line (6.12, not 10.13 ?) I assume so since there is the 6.12.65-100 script that says
"This will take your 6.12.65 version system to a 10.13.66-1 version and
track. Please note 10.13.66 is the Current STABLE and 6.12.65 will be
End of Life 12-31-15"

Sorry if the explanation is simple, but this ‘update to freepbx 13 stable’ line is a bit too laconic :wink:

That was a copy and paste issue. Its been fixed. -31 will NOT take you to FreePBX 13. You need to use the -100 to go to the next track. Sorry about that.

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