6.12.65-28 update breaking dahdi?

I’ve had 3 systems in the last 5 business hours where dahdi was stopped, all with Sangoma cards - 2 POTS and 1 PRI. Common factor seemed to be a recent auto update (via sys admin) to 6.12.65-28. A simple “module load chan_dahdi.so” resolved the issue in all 3 cases. I didn’t do any other troubleshooting.

Just a heads up…

I no one else experiencing this? I’ve found 3 or 4 more systems in this state since my original post - it’s getting quite old!

I have seen no other reports of this here or in the bug tracker

Thanks, I figured there would be more evidence of it if the issue was affecting everyone to the same extent as us. It must be something unique to our scenario somehow.

Well it happened again with yesterday’s upgrade to 6.12.65-29. 3 customers called in first thing in the AM, I caught another 4 or 5 before it was noticed, and halted auto upgrades on the remainder of our sites with TDM cards and auto upgrades.

The issue seems very consistent, but I don’t recall running into this problem before 6.12.65-28. Any idea on what might have changed as part of the upgrade process that would prevent chan_dahdi from being reloaded?

I could certainly open a support ticket if someone would be willing to troubleshoot - I have a number of sites that haven’t upgraded yet and I’m sure DAHDI will break once the upgrade is run.