50 call limit

hello I have freepbx 15

I recieve calls from another Asterisk server via a pjsip extension and simply we can not pass a 50 simultaneous call barrier

any ideas how to open more than 50 calls?

tried call limit in trunk but I dont know where is the bottleneck

any ideas?

there are no limits with asterisk or freepbx its your carrier or the hardware supplier you need to talk to

im sure its a limitation into Freepbx not in carrier side ,

And I disagree because regularly I have many FreePBX machines daily doing way more than 50 calls concurrently.

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This is not how things work. If you are using an extension, that may be part of your problem.

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There is no hard limit “out-of-box”, maybe some soft-limit has been imposed? What happens when you make your 51st call? Have you looked at your logs?

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