5.211.65 Track can't upgrade past 5.211.65-3

Hi- I am running the 5.211.65 track.
I was on version 5.211.65-13. Downloaded all the updates (*-2 thru *-20).

Ran “chmod +x -upgrade-5.211.65-2.sh” THEN “./upgrade-5.211.65-2.sh”. Successful. Rebooted. Ran update for *-3. Successful. Rebooted.

Now my system doesn’t recognize “chmod +x”. Returns error "chmod: invalid mode: '-upgrade-5.211.65-4.sh’
Ran from ROOT and from /upgradescripts directory.

I can access “chmod --help”, doesn’t show the +x mode. Rusty on my Unix so any help would be greatly appreciated. I have 16 more updates to do today…

Thats an invalid argument You can’t prefix a filename with a “-” and pass it to a command unescaped, if you do that then it thinks you are passing option “upgrade-5.211.65-4.sh”. Either remove the “-” or run the command like so:

chmod +x "-upgrade-5.211.65-2.sh"

Right… -Thanx!!! I’ll be more careful next time.