488 on all outgoing calls

Using a GS Wave soft phone.

I can receive calls but if I make an outgoing call, to a trunk or an extension or even a function code, I get a 488 code

Last log entry is

[2022-03-11 19:11:42] NOTICE[2774] res_pjsip_sdp_rtp.c: No joint capabilities for ‘audio’ media stream between our configuration((ulaw|alaw|gsm|g726|g722)) and incoming SDP((nothing))

I can receive incoming calls directly to an extension or via a trunk

Any ideas for troubleshooting?

Enable protocol level debugging (“pjsip set logger on”, assuming you are up to date), and obtain a full verbose log, from /var/log/asterisk/full.

Have the GS Wave send some codecs. The error was quite clear there is no media (codecs) from the incoming side (GS Wave).

That did the trick, although I don’t know why no codecs were set. I added another extension and it set preferred vocoder to PCMA and PCMU by default. For this particular extension, there were no codecs set. Thank you

The problem was no codecs were set so no need to investigate further. Thanks

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