480 unavailable and 503 congestion

Asterisk 1.8.10 Centos when call-limit is defined in the Sip trunk
and you have reached this threhold Asterisk sends back 480 not 503 congestion.
any suggestions to get 503 congestion when using call-limit.

You may want to check with some Asterisk folks as well.

I can understand that both might be the “correct” response for different scenarios. If it is a phone being configured then a “BUSY” is probably appropriate. If it is a trunk on the other hand, then I can see why you might want to send back CONGESTION.

May be an appropriate feature request to be able to configure this if it isn’t already somewhere. I guess the other option would be to not use call-limit but instead create some dialplan with group counting and specifically send back a Congestion() - I think that can be done.